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Control Your Cloud: Enforcing Infrastructure Patterns in AWS

Webinar + Live Demo // Wed., June 28, 2017 // 1pm ET (10am PT)

The increased pace of software delivery brings with it new levels of risk. It's critical for cloud teams to be able to automatically validate infrastructure against internal and external policies and standards to ensure compliance and mitigate risk. Once infrastructure is deployed, it must remain in its desired state despite any attempts to change it through unapproved channels.

Join us for a discussion and live demo of cloud infrastructure enforcement where we'll explore:

  • A declarative approach to designing compliant workloads
  • How to avoid provisioning (and having to troubleshoot!) broken infrastructure
  • How to prevent unauthorized changes from being deployed
  • Practical examples that you can start using right away

Register now to join us for the live event. Check out our speaker bio below.

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    Michael Sage

    Technical Lead, Fugue

    Michael is the Technical Lead for customer engagements at Fugue. He has over 15 years' experience as a Solutions Architect and Consultant helping teams of all sizes with software delivery and performance management. Previously, Michael worked with industry-leading companies such as Mercury Interactive, New Relic, BlazeMeter, and Sauce Labs. He is based in San Francisco, CA.