Building a Fugue Cloud Desk

Unlock the value of cloud services and get control of cost overruns, non-compliant processes, and threats to data security. With a Fugue Cloud Desk, you can centralize account and workload management and solve the procedural chaos.

Cloud Services Excellence

Automate Infrastructure Governance

Scaling your cloud services operations has never been easier. Provide support for compliant, self-service cloud deployments with a workload management solution that continually enforces your configuration and other policies at run-time.

Streamline common cloud services tasks like service provisioning, applying policies, and change control

Build Your Cloud Center of Excellence with Fugue

Transform workloads into reusable code
Improve your implementation of cloud infrastructure policies. Use a Fugue Cloud Desk to generate approved libraries, or catalogs, that make it easy to share and apply standards.
Make cloud services architecture visible
Reveal your cloud infrastructure and increase automation so you can better scale to meet user demands. Detailed cloud-related data is available in case of audits.
Improve change management processes
Create and share pre-defined “policy packs” for different applications, and different classifications of workloads: Development, Test, Production.
Protect against overspending
Stop cost overruns. With a Fugue Cloud Desk, you can automatically enforce cost control policies. Provide services to users that let them focus on their main jobs.
Cloud optimization solutions exist for workload placement, infrastructure utilization, service intermediation, connectivity, orchestration and integration.
Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing May 25, 2017

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