Say Goodbye to Data Loss & Cloud Policy Infractions

No More Cloud Infrastructure Misconfigurations

As cloud adoption takes the IT world by storm, we're discovering that there are right ways and wrong ways to deploy cloud services. The very conveniences that make shifting to the cloud so attractive also open the door to significant risk. It's too easy to make infrastructure configuration mistakes, and it's hard to see those mistakes after they happen.

Fugue helps you get cloud right.

By automating the provisioning and control of policy-driven workloads, Fugue ensures that your cloud infrastructure always conforms to corporate rules, regulatory policies, and secure IT practices, while providing complete visibility into your workload operations.

The result? A cloud that always operates exactly as you intend. If anything drifts, Fugue fixes it. Immediately. Automatically.

Fugue gives you the freedom to let your developers innovate fast and with the confidence that the infrastructure is always guarded, resilient, and secure.

The Fugue Difference

  Fugue Governed Infrastructure Ungoverned Infrastructure
Pre-Provisioning Automated Design-Time Policy Validation Manual Reviews & Approval Gates
Policy-As-Code Binders & Checklists
Post-Provisioning Continuous Monitoring & Full Visibility Manual Audits, Spreadsheets
Automated Drift & Policy-Violation Remediation Manual Drift Remediation, Alert Fatigue, False Positives

What Customers Are Saying

  • “Fugue is a valued AWS partner and a recognized leader in the increasingly mission-critical area of cloud infrastructure governance. Fugue's latest technology enhancement brings important value to our customers by automating compliance policy, allowing our customers to focus on what they do best.”

    Quote Citation
    David Levy VP of U.S Government, AWS
  • “When it comes to scaling cloud infrastructure governance, modern enterprises need to be certain that policies are always followed. Fugue’s approach of visualizing and running cloud infrastructure, validating compliance and ensuring it never drifts, is exactly right.”

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    Peter O’Donoghue Vice President of Application Services, Unisys
  • “Monitoring and alerts aren’t good enough for us. We can’t afford to have configuration drift and unauthorized changes happen in the first place. Furthermore, we need to be able to demonstrate that our infrastructure stays secure. Fugue helps us get cloud right.”

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    Justin Rupp Senior Systems Ninja, GlobalGiving

A Single Source of Truth & Trust

Fugue is cloud-native and purpose-built to deliver governance at every stage of the cloud infrastructure lifecycle.

With Fugue, you are able to:

  • Import, visualize and validate existing infrastructure spanning multiple accounts, workloads, and team members
  • Validate policy compliance in design time, before you build your cloud infrastructure
  • Automatically enforce policy compliance and remediate unapproved changes and configuration drift
  • Always know the state of your infrastructure and be confident it's running as declared

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