Introducing Fugue Composer Preview
Transform Your Infrastrucure Code Into Dynamic Diagrams
See Everything

See Everything

Do You Know What's Running in Your AWS Account?
Fugue Composer is a new application that delivers an accurate, annotated display of your AWS workloads. Everything that's planned and everything that's running. Start with existing Fugue compositions or use an easy process that inspects your selected AWS account and produces an informative diagram of what’s operating in your cloud.
Definitive Infrastructure Diagrams
Fugue Composer takes your cloud infrastructure code and compiles it into clear maps of resources and relationships. Zoom into complexities. Inspect individual element details. Pan wide for comprehensive views of your workloads. It’s never been this easy to see what’s going on in your cloud!
With Fugue Composer you can visually inspect and validate AWS resource configuration against your organization’s internal policies and best practices. Verify before provisioning. Check compliance of existing resources with proposed policies. Indicators and clear messages guide you to fast fixes so you can make sure all your workloads are following the rules.
Import and Validate Existing Infrastructure
Fugue Composer uses Fugue's next-generation cloud configuration language to automatically describe the resources already running in your AWS account. See more clearly what you have and validate that it conforms to internal and external policies and practices.

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